DISCO_motivation – plankton extremism

motivation / plankton extremism

plankton extremism es un proyecto ruso a cargo del artista y productor Vitaly Maklakov. El disco motivation es un track de 26 minutos oscuro, introvertido y con una estética low fi. Vitaly nos cuenta sobre el disco lo siguiente: «The recording is an abstract improvisation on the Casio SA-46 synthesizer. The recording process was recorded on tape (with a change in speed mode to the fast side). The tape was digitally processed (layered mix with many filters and effects) and re-recorded onto tape (again with a speed change to the fast side). Then the recording was digitized. There is no mastering».

Recorded at the Clinical House, 10-02-2021
Publicado el 24-2-21

Vitaly Maklakov